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Barracuda Diving & Marine Service underwater activities include all aspects of Diving, Marine Service & Logistics. We are ready to step in. . .

Marine Construction

Diving Services

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Underwater Screeding & Block Placing (X-blocks, Stabits) Underwater Investigations for Logistics
Underwater Welding, Cutting & Burning Underwater Inspections
Underwater Repair Work, Cleaning & Painting Underwater Surveying Works
Underwater Thickness Measurements Underwater Photography
Underwater Jack-hammer, Drilling  & Grinding Works Underwater Videography
Underwater Hydraulic & Pneumatic Works Underwater CCTV with recording
Installation of Underwater Pile Jackets (steel & HDPE) Deep Diving Salvages
Installation of Denso Tape on Piles
Dredging  Go to GALLERY
Maintenance of Ports, Marinas & Jetties


Barracuda installing geotextile at Al-hamriya Port project