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Aerial Photo Of Aqaba New Port

Aqaba New Port Project for BAM International

Barracuda Diving & Marine Service completed various marine works

Sep 2012 until Apr 2014

Works Completed at Aqaba New Port:

  • Welding piles underwater 
  • Completed laying of the Intake Pipeline, from the sea to the chamber, including removal of the old pipeline and the connection between the old and new pipes. This was with double 250 m long and had a 30 degree bend – maintaining a minimal down time for Kemapco’s operations
  • Trained and experienced at placing X-blocks, a protective revetment, to high standards of design company’s requirements (see details here)
  • Welding Capping Beam Skirts to the steel tubular piles, an F4 (overhead) weld, with photo report of each and every weld
  • Anode installation
  • Slipway’s 60 meter underwater extension, earthworks prepared and screeding of gravel layer, leveling to high accuracy standards, underwater surveying, relocating the screeding frame, installation of foundation blocks and rail beams and bolting of rails to torque specifications
  • Dredging work underwater
  • Clearing debris from the seabed
  • Underwater inspections and reporting (including CCTV, Video & photos)
  • Lifting heavy objects from the sea
  • Installation and removal of silt curtains
  • Mason works, the process of placing gypsum underwater, fixing plywood and supervising the pouring of concrete between the capping beam skirts and the steel pile
  • Airlifting sands at the combi-wall
  • Underwater water-jet cleaning 

 Link to BAM International at Aqaba New Port