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Barracuda Provided All The Underwater Works For BAM International At Aqaba Container Terminal

Aqaba Container Terminal for Ocean Kinetics

Barracuda Diving & Marine Service completed a thickness survey, repairs and maintenance works

May 2012 until Nov 2013  Go to GALLERY

Working as the sole sub-contracted team to do the repair works of the old wharf. ACT contracted a Scottish company, Ocean Kinetics, who then assigned the works to us and we have participated with, and for them, since the beginning for:

  • Cleaning an area of the old steel piles & bulkhead wall to take thickness meter measurements, as part of the preliminary works
  • Cleaning the above and below water levels for repair works, using various methods
  • Wrapped steel piles with Denso Tape, insulating with HDPE jackets
  • Wrapped steel piles with Steel Jackets and grouting
  • Detailed, extensive thickness measurements for the bulkhead wall, along with investigations
  • Plates welded onto bulkhead wall
  • Logistics – including all permissions and security, shipment handling, customs clearing, storage and delivery; cabin hire, equipment rental and local transportation
  • Providing divers and laborers, boats, tools and equipment