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Barracuda team outside the office in Aqaba 2016
Barracuda Team Dubai 2016

ABOUT BARRACUDA Barracuda Diving & Marine Service provides commercial divers and working boats, marine services, logistics and operation management for a variety of underwater works; block placing, screeding, geotextile, dredging, maintenance, inspection, surveys, installation, fabricating, welding, cutting, salvage and a huge variety of activities for boats, ships, marinas, ports and the construction of waterfront developments. We have been in the sea since 1993.

This website expresses our experience and knowledge of the different types of marine works. We are currently one of the most active companies and our team has the most extensive know-how.

We present ourselves as the suitable partner to complete all your marine service requirements.

BARRACUDA’S MISSION Safety is Barracuda Diving & Marine Services’ number one objective for both divers and the environment, supporting projects that develop our country and the region. Barracuda Diving & Marine Services provides quality services in one of the most competitive global industries in order to maximize clients’ results. Personnel, equipment and our operations are of the highest standards, upgrading and improving and training along the way. We are building up the strongest Multi-national team of Commercial Divers in the region.

BARRACUDA’S SAFETY POLICY Barracuda Diving & Marine Services conducts its business according to international standards and protects the life of its personnel and the environment in which it works. We are continually emphasizing this issue and training our staff accordingly, ensuring that each person is responsible for their duties and providing updated information and suitable safety equipment and competent supervision.

BARRACUDA’S OPERATION Barracuda Diving & Marine Services is flexible in the underwater work we can provide, agreeing in advance all aspects of the project. Our work preparation, method statements, execution and follow up are reliable and certified. We work within the time-frame provided, with costs controlled and safety is fully integrated. We provide a quality of work that surpasses the expectations of our project and construction managers.

BARRACUDA’S PHILOSOPHY We work with our clients to give them real value and be in partnership, offering solutions to each and every challenge. When our clients have a quandary, we are the first they call for the resolution.